Etiquette Courses

We provide the talented services of The Royal Butler, with Her Royal Highness Princess Katarina joining us for luxury events. Our talks and demonstrations range from Royal Afternoon Tea Etiquette, the skills required to be the perfect host and hostess and of course not forgetting unique etiquette dinner parties. These are all held at Blenheim Palace, Thornbury Castle,The Ritz Hotel and the Millenium Hotel.



Please see the talks, classes and workshops below. Enquiries for courses may be sent below or alternatively email


Standard Package

Our basic package covers the services of our lecturers with an afternoon tea at The Millennium Mayfair, London or Thornbury Castle, Bristol.

Luxury Package

Our luxury package covers the services of our lecturers with a full afternoon tea, lunch or dinner at The Ritz Hotel London or Blenheim Palace near Oxford.

Bespoke Package

Our bespoke package allows you to choose the lecturers, class, meals and venue. The venue can be one of our own unique venues  or a venue of your choosing.

Etiquette Classes, Talks and Workshops.

A Lesson in Royal Etiquette

learn British Royal Etiquette 

and protocols with one of

our lecturers who will teach you how

to behave around Royals,

Aristocrats and VIP Families.

Royal Afternoon Tea Class

Learn the traditions of Royal 

etiquette based around the famous 

British pastime and of course the

correct way to enjoy an

afternoon tea.

Royal Dining Etiquette

This unique class takes place

during a breakfast, lunch or

dinner with running commentary in between each course on the

etiquette of fine dining. 

Afternoon Tea Workshop

 This workshop includes a demonstration of

how to host the perfect afternoon 

tea party with HRH Princess Katarina,

Grant Harrold, "The Royal Butler" and a Nicholas Veitch Chef.

One/Two Day Etiquette Class

This class will give you the social skills required to attend a Royal event or to improve your social graces and etiquette skills to a British Royal standard. 

Business Etiquette 

Nicholas Veitch Tutor, Mrs Patti Boulaye, OBE, runs a one-day business etiquette class, covering introductons, entertaining and creating the correct image.

Bespoke Etiquette Class

Create your own Royal etiquette class.  This lesson can include the any of our  Royal etiquette classes with an afternoon tea, Lunch or Dinner.

The Royal Butler

This interactive talk given by Grant Harrold will give you an understanding and knowledge of a traditional Butler living in the 21st Century. 

HRH Princess Katarina

This exclusive talk is given by HRH Princess Katarina, who will give a detailed account of what life is like for a modern day working Princess.